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This directory contains an up-to-date list of all subscribers to the News on the Rialto. It contains contact, research and publication information.

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Beverley Ballantine
Not provided
Alexandra Bamji
University of Leeds
William Barcham
Not provided
Hannah Barker
Rhodes College
Eleanor Barnett
Cambridge University
Murray Baumgarten
University of California, Santa Cruz
Anna Bennett
University of Miami
Silvio Bernardinello
University of Padua
John Bernasconi
University of Hull
Christopher Black
University of Glasgow
Bonnie Blackburn
Independent Scholar
Sarah Blake McHam
Rutgers University
Charles Blundell
Oxford University
Francesca Bortoletti
University of Minnesota
Louise Bourdua
University of Warwick
Jacob Brannum
University of Miami
Patricia Fortini Brown
Princeton University